Friday, October 22, 2010

Double Sided Coin

There's two sides to every situation. You ever notice when we have a conflict many times we're so busy trying to prove that our point is right that we never actually listen to the other person. What does that say about our maturity level? What does that say about our mindset?

I've come to realize it's not always about proving you're right and the other person is wrong. You may realize your perception on the situation is skewed, that you had not sat down and logically evaluated all the facts. Sometimes we think so highly of ourselves we never evaluate what we could've done differently. Newton's law says "Every action brings a reaction." What were your actions, honestly think about it. Don't be self centered and pompous thinking you did everything right because guess what, YOU DIDN'T, your not perfect and nor are you always 100% correct.

I believe many relationships could be salvaged if we would humble ourselves and really listen and understand each other. Admit your wrong or even if your not wrong admit that you at least understand the other person. STOP ALWAYS TRYING TO PLAY THE VICTIM!
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